Summer Break!!

Hi all,

Hope you all are doing well. It’s been a long since I blogged sorry about that was busy with the exams. As it was difficult for me to commute during the revision weeks I decide to stay in the university accommodation. When I told the same to accommodation services they were kind enough to provide me shelter for 3 weeks. Regarding the university accommodation I lived in a Band C room. I had an independent bedroom, shared kitchen and toilets. My room had a sink and nice study table (but mostly used to all other stuff other than studying). I’d say moving to on campus was very helpful as I could cut down my commute and spend some more time on revising. Me and three of my mates used to do group study in the library (think you know what I mean, yes it was a group but no study). I never knew I’d become so close to these guys, it all started with our Marketing principles group assignment. And from there to group studies hanging out, cooking and shopping together (It was so much fun!!!!). We know decided to rent a house for our next year and have more fun. But I’ll be honest it’s getting harder and harder to find a house. University also provides an opportunity to rent a whole house through the surreystudentpad. We realised that we’ve missed the deadline to apply for it 3 months back (I now it’s too late) 🙁 We’re confident that we can find one but have to compromise on location, rent and few things like that. We’re more than find compromise on every single thing all we wanted is a house to live together. All the other three guys are from UK so they’ve gone to their home towns for the summer break. I wish I went back to India but my mom is planning to come see me and my brother’s family over the summer. Can’t wait to see her and have her amazing dishes. I cook well (I’m being honest: p) but I’m very lazy. I always buy some frozen curries and chapattis’ from Tesco a local supermarket just behind the University, just microwave and eat it. Nice and simple but not healthy. From next year, as all my mates are Indian origins so we’ve decided to cook some proper Indian food every day. All these can happen only if we can find a house, wish me good luck guys 🙂

Have a good summer break and will get back to you soon.