5 days of Summer

Non-British people humor English summer season as ‘5 days of Summer’. The reason behind this is exactly what the phrase says, Britain experiences summer for a maximum number of 5 days during their whole summer season. Well, I cannot deem this to be completely true as summer season has not ended here yet. But since ‘summer season’ has begun we have had very few days where the temperature went above 25 and was quite sunny. Last week we experienced 33 degrees which was recorded to be one of the highest temperature recorded in England this year. To be frank, it was so hot that day, I thought Indian summers were better. This is quite funny, because the temperature in India is ranging from 35-45 degrees now. I am quite worried thinking about my health when I return to India, as it would be quite hard for me to cope with the weather there.

Summer season is celebrated here. Being an Indian, we always hate summers. Summer means heat, sweat, stickiness etc. But here during summer, people are out in their gardens, parks and beaches sunbathing, barbequing, playing etc. Barbeque is one the most important event that happens here during summers, when family and friends gather together in the back garden of their homes and barbeque food and have drinks and have a good time. The lake in our university is very popular during this season, as students spend their afternoons sitting at the lakeside enjoying the weather and just laying on the grass and having the time of their lives. It is quite fascinating to see how the people here enjoy English summer. It makes me appreciate the monsoon weather we have back in Kerala.

Being a masters student, summer season is quite depression for me, because summer season equals dissertation time. Summer months are dedicated to writing your dissertation and we are mostly indoors, in the library or in our dorms writing and writing away. I am quite worried about my dissertation, but my supervisor is very helpful and supportive which has reduced my stress to a considerable amount and has helped me focus more into it. I am not trying to scare you guys, but dissertation is one of the most important aspect of our degree and we need to put our heart and soul into it.

You might not see my blogs for a while (dissertation 🙁 ), but I will try my hardest to keep you guys updated.