Familiar Freedom

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!


Do you remember how it was to be a kid running around in shorts and slippers, playing cricket with you buddies waiting for the ice-cream truck and keeping your change ready to grab that bubble gum flavoured ice candy…No? Maybe it was just me…lol


So I had been out for a while because of Easter and I mean out with relatives visiting my place in Oman to me having an appendix operation right towards the end of the break. Long story short, I had a Looooong break compared to the other students. But I think and i say on behalf of my dance team that we needed this extended break after living and breathing dance all day long till we placed 3rd on 17th Mar 2018 in the Sadler’s Wells theatre. This place is one of the most prestigious places for dancers in UK and the pressure was on. But all that was briefed by my able colleague Sadhana. What I did with the whole dance performance was the Music, Visuals, lighting and off course dance with the team. So my journey with the team began months before and believe me when I say that…

There is nothing more satisfying and rewarding to put yourself out there and give it your heart to make things happen and catalyse the combined team effort of the choreographers dancers and well-wishers promoting and funding us.


Annyywwhhoo…I don’t know where to began to show all, the places I have visited these past weeks. I am sure you would want to take a sneak peek into the country I live in and I have left a few pics to dig into them. But the most exciting place I have been to was in the previous week on my friend’s birthday. We planned a trip to Bournemouth, which I must say does not look any different from Juhu beach in Mumbai (for all the “Mumbaikars” reading this as I am originally from Mumbai).

P.S: I have yet to see loads of cities in India, so apologies if I haven’t mentioned any other popular beaches from other states.

I dont think I have had a better day at the beach than this (being from two places with extensive stretches of sand and sea i.e, Muscat and Mumbai) and it was only because of the wonderful company of my closest friends here and the warm hearted people of Bournemouth. We spent the whole day doing the most stupidest things and enjoyed every bit be it jumping into the freezing sea, burying me into the sand with just my head out or playing volleyball with no nets and cheating all the way through.

You dont find many moments or places when you can just be the kid that you were ages ago making it a new and refreshing experience again adding to the freedom of being in a new place without parents or your family friends restricting you to do reckless things. I am sure all of you can relate to that and if not, then I think I have been really naughty. Not a good thing…

I think I could fill this blog with just pictures and you’d know what I mean but Ill stop myself to expose my friends in the process. But the fun does not stop there…we had so many other opportunities to have fun, starting from the arcade centre to the most kiddish rides that we still get tempted to ride. All we look for in fun as adults is that immaturity and freedom that we had been exposed to when we had the chance. And I really thought UK was this place with the most sophisticated buildings, roads and people and the ridiculously unpredictable weather. But I was glad to see this side of UK where you can relate it to your hometowns and cities. And what more to add to that homeliness when you have more than 800 Indian students and a comparatively high margin of South East Asians studying in the university. I know I know…it is really fun to have local friends and I do…but there are times and there are places, and I don’t think I would want to spend my day at the beach any differently.