Dude! Where’s my Time!

Heeyylloo to all readers !!!

So Its been a month and I have not realized where did October go…I mean I just realized it is the end of October today and I have even missed out on celebrating my birthday. But its definitely not because I am lazy or neglegent. Well sometimes I am and students tend to be and have every right to be sometimes considering we learn from our mistakes.

I infact have been absolutely jampacked busy this month with all the roles and duties I have enjoyed fullfilling and look forward to continue doing that for the rest of the year besides just academics. Well, some would think – “Uuuhh…Aren’t you there to get a degree and graduate from the university?”

And my answer to that is YES! That is exactly what I am doing. Because university is not just about some numbers on an excel sheet giving you details about how much time you have spent studying and how generous examiners have felt awarding you marks defining how knowledgable you are in the field of study you have chosen to pursue as a career in the future…


NO! Infact, in this generation, and after having done a degree and working in that field and changing my field, I have realized that I am now doing the right thing striking the right balance between acquiring knowledge and acquiring networks and connections. In this process, I have acquired various skills that I did not think I would actually use, for eg; Blogging right now as a Student Ambassador. I have always believed that the more you resonate yourself out in the world, the more you work towards reaching your desired goal and achievement.

Being a student in BMus. Creative Music Technology, I have learnt that the more you voice your personality, the more people will hear and direct you to the right career path. And that is what has happend this month as I have spent time working as Societies Executive Chair in the Students Union as well as an International Student Ambassador welcoming students into the university and contributing to events catered for the freshers.


This began from the Freshers Week, where I worked as a Meet & Greet Helper to escort international students from the Heathrow Airport to their accommodations and helping them through the process. Then this moved on to me being a Super Angel in the moving in weekend of the university, where we helped the UK students to move in to their accommodations. After all that had been sorted and the students had settled in, the students union had numerous events lined up starting from the Fresher’s Fayre.


This was when I was working twice as hard also as being the President of Bollywood Society, where we enlighten students with respect to what the students union is about and what do 140 societies and 40 sports clubs have to offer to students throughout the year. This was the week where everyone was everywhere and I was all over the campus with utmost enthusiasm and excitement to cater to students still trying to get accustom to the university life, away from their parents and friends back home. But I was really happy to see how engaged the new students were with everything happening in the university and realized how the generations are developing with how they perceive their university life to be and how much they would want to grasp from their experience.


Sure, there are acadmically heavier courses and field of study compared to Music and I agree that my degree is quite enjoyable and interesting, though it demands rigirous and tideous hours to complete submissions and portfolios. However, I do know that any student who has had the time to go to a party or shopping spree in London, can surely spent an hour or two getting involved with sports and activities with respect to the union, because I would want each student to know how rewarding and memorable it is to do so much in the university outside the lecture halls and classrooms, which could shape our personalities to be more confident and professionaly ideal, if we were to spend each moment here wisely and effectively to the point that one says;

Dude! Wheres did my time go…(and that smile of productivity & fullfillness)