How do you get your mark?

Hello! Back again with Lina!

I am so sorry! Lately, I have been busy with revising and forgot to update you guys with what I have been doing each week U_U

Well, since it is nearing the exam time and as I wrote this, some of the students are undergoing their exam. So, it brings me an idea. How do you get your mark?

Well here is how.

Let’s start with my experience. As a social science student (MSc. HRM is part of it), the exam will be in the form of essays. So you need to prepare and master the topic that you choose. for instance, in some subjects, I am given 1 compulsory question/a must do question and need to do 1 out of 3 optional questions. Each optional questions are representing a different topic. Consequently, you need to excel in that area of topic and make sure to be able to apply it and make example of when or how you use that topic (like, if you are asked to explain the use of Human resource management/HRM in real life business, you need to also give example how applying HRM is beneficial to the company. Also, you need to base it in what theory that logic come from). They won’t ask you to muster all of the topics, but at least you muster 1 area with confident. To know what area you need to master, you can go check the previous exam papers provided by the library (trust me, it helps you so much to determine what will be going to come up).

After you done preparing and you are confident with what you are writing. It is time for the exams.

I need to highlight the most important thing. Make sure what you wrote are understandable and readable.


  • So, the examiner can read what you wrote.

One of my lecturers told me that he had a student paper and had difficulty marking it due to the handwriting. Also, here is the difficult part. Most of the UK Higher Education that I know of, has more than 1 marker. Meaning, once you have done your exam, it will go to the first marker. If the first marker hard to read what you wrote, consequently it could lower your mark. Then goes to the second marker, it would be even more difficult to help you out with your probably lower mark. Bottomline, make sure your handwriting is readable as it could affect your mark. My suggestion is, ask your friend or someone beside you, to see if your handwriting is readable.

  • So that the examiner can understand you.

Make sure you use understandable English term and good presentation essay format (meaning: up your grammar game!!). This helps the reader to look for key points that are expected to exist in the essay you did and easier for the reader to understand your line of thoughts. If it is messy and jumbled up, it makes a headache even for those who knows what you are trying to say.

As I have said before, most higher education has more than one marker. If I am not mistaken, this is how Surrey do.

  1. First marker (your lecturer).
  2. Second marker (anonymous)
  3. Third marker (outside people and anonymous)

Thus, prevent any unfairness within marking. It is serious business in marking and most lecturer that I know of, are all hard to persuaded by the likes of bribery. With this system, it is even more impossible to do. So, even you get a low mark, either you are not studying or there is a factor X that affecting your studying (this matter can be brought up to the student body and appeal for it, but this is another issue).

Either way, both second and third marker are anonymous, can be both from outside the uni or both are from inside the uni. No one knows. What I know is, one of them is from outside uni and it can be a scholar from another uni. However, it is hard to know which uni it is as it is done discretely (d’uh, of course).

Bottomline, I don’t mean to scare you or anything and this sounds bias as I don’t know how this three markers applied in science subjects. However, what I can say is… study hard. This university upholds fairness very highly. There are many student support available that you can count in like student support, warden and much more. Your life in here is guaranteed. All you need to do is help yourself to thrive for the best since this uni already provides you with what you need for being the best. Sound cheesy but it is how it is.

Enough from me rambling.
I am Lina and I will go back to my revision once more XD
Wish me luck guys!!

And see you soon!!