Joining Societies & Clubs at University of Surrey

List of Contents

  • Clubs & Societies at UoS (University of Surrey)
  • My Experiences of the Past 6 Months
  • Benefits of Joining Societies/Clubs at University

Clubs & Societies at UoS

There are a lot more clubs and societies than 100 at the University of Surrey. These societies vary from sports ones, such as basketball, football, and walking, to other ones including Japanese, LGBTQ+, and even Disney. Therefore, there is a high possibility that you can find a society or club that you are interested in at UoS. Additionally, even if there are not any such societies, you can create a new one.

My Experiences of the Past 6 Months

I joined two societies, Surrey Dance Squad (SDS) and Choir, in my first semester.

My New Ballet Shoes for a Christmas Show

Firstly, I taught dancing at a dance studio until I left Japan, so I joined the squad in order to keep practicing. The dance society has people who start dancing for the first time as well as experienced students. People who teach dancing there are also specific students, therefore our dance class schedule, starting after 6 pm, is made considering the members’ school schedule. Many of the members join the society to attend the open classes, but there are many other members who compete as SDS at other universities. The members who have joined previous competitions seem to be fulfilled with the experience and memory. I personally joined only the open classes, and we all had a great time at our Christmas show held in Guildford in December.

Secondly, it was my first time joining a choir in my life, but it was totally worth it because I had only learned singing from YouTube apart from school’s essential and optional music classes until high school. There are also two different types of sessions at the society, which are weekly sessions and other sessions for more choir performances. I joined only the weekly one because I was a beginner. It was great for me to be surrounded by people who also like to sing.

At first, I was worried about whether I could continue participating in the club activities since I was an international student and this was my first time studying outside Japan. However, there were options to balance study and societies/clubs, such as by joining only open classes at SDS. Therefore, I absolutely am proud of myself for deciding to join societies. I am planning to join a different society after participating in trial sessions in a new semester this February.

Benefits of Joining Societies/Clubs at University

Through joining societies and clubs, there are some gain points students would obtain in my opinion. These are making friends, building new hobbies, having a refreshing time, finding new career paths, improving English skills if you speak English as your non-first language, and many more depending on the person.

Thank you very much for reading until the end. Please have a lovely day.