Life in Guildford as a Student of University of Surrey

A view in Guildford (January)

List of Contents

  • Where Guildford is
  • Transportation
  • Town Centre
  • Japanese Food
  • My Experience in Guildford Compared to Ja]pan

Where Guildford is

Guildford is an area in a county, Surrey, which is only 30 minutes away to South from London by train. Over 70,000 people are living in Guildford, and over 15,000 out of the population are students from the University of Surrey. Therefore, there are quite a lot of students in the area.


There are several ways to move around in Guildford, but the main way is using buses in my opinion. There are many bus stops in the area, so it would be easier to travel there if you have a bus pass. Another way is riding a bicycle which many of my university friends do. It is convenient if you have a bike as a UoS (University of Surrey) student because parking lots for bicycles are set up both in the university and accommodation areas. Additionally, cars, Uber, and taxis are also popular ways to travel among some students as they can use those cheaper when getting in with several people. When you go outside of Guildford, buses, couches, and trains are mainly used.

Town Centre

A picture of Town Centre

Town centre is the central area of Guildford. There are stores for your life essentials such as clothes, kitchen items, pharmacies, and many more, as well as places you can enjoy, for example, a movie theatre, cafes, beauty shops, and more. Also, a lot of part-time job opportunities are there as well.

Japanese Food

In terms of restaurants, there are some Japanese restaurants in the town centre. However, if you want to eat a really authentic Japanese meal, it is best to make the meal yourself, from my perspective. You can find Japanese ingredients, such as soy sauce and udon noodles, even in supermarkets. Recently, a new Korean food store called Oseyo was opened in the town centre which also sells Japanese food including frozen Takoyaki, solid sauce for Hayashi rice, and even Okonomi sauce.

My Experience in Guildford Compared to Japan

My experience in Guildford has been quite positive so far. One of the biggest reasons for that is the safety of Guildford. As Surrey, which is the county of Guildford, is one of the most luxurious living areas outside of London and has a calm atmosphere, I would say it is very safe for students as well. Secondly, the nature of Guildford is absolutely one of the best things I experienced in the area because as a person from a city, everything is different, and it is great to have places you can easily go for a walk and refresh.

Thank you very much for reading this far. I hope this blog helped you feel a little sense of living in Guildford where University of Surrey is located. I hope you will have a good day, and I will see you in the next blog.