Accommodation Experience at University of Surrey

Our Kitchen During the Christmas 2023

List of Contents

  • Type of Accommodations
  • Flatmates
  • Sharing Space

Type of Accommodations

There are several types of accommodations at the University of Surrey.

First, there are some locations for accommodations, which are on-campus and off-campus such as Manor Park and Hazel Farm. In terms of the off-campus accommodations, students living there commute to school mainly by walking, bus, or bike.

Secondly, regarding the types of rooms which many students are living in, there are shared rooms, single rooms with or without a wash basin, and en-suite single rooms and studio flats.

(Please visit the official website of the University of Surrey for more detailed information)


I personally chose to live in a flat where we share restrooms, a kitchen, and shower rooms, so I will share how our relationship is.

Our flat is a single-sex one, and we are basically on good terms with everyone thanks to our old flatmates who built the tradition to celebrate the birthdays of everyone. There are six students, who are doing masters in our flat and from five different countries, so in our first welcome week at UoS (University of Surrey), some of us went to school together if we had the same schedule. As this was my first time living with other people except for my family because there is no popular culture of living in accommodation for university in Japan unlike Western culture, I was a little worried about that. However in my case, as my flatmates are friendly, the relationship with my flatmates is good. Even if you have challenges with your flatmates, there are the Residential Life Team and other faculties you can rely on at the University of Surrey.

Sharing Space

In order to keep a good relationship with your flatmates, being considerate of shared spaces is important in my opinion. These are, for example, kitchen, restrooms, shower rooms, and noise. As students are from different cultures, those acts depend on each value. Therefore, it worked well for me to talk about things in terms of the spaces and the values to understand each other.

Thank you very much for reading this far. Experience of living in accommodation is different depending on the person, but I hope this blog helps you to feel how it is to live in accommodation even a little. Please have a great day.