Further information about Colourism

As my Student Curation comes to a close, I just wanted to highlight some useful links if you’re interested in reading more, or finding guidance and support about the subject of colourism:

Embrace Race

EmbraceRace was founded in early 2016 by two parents who set out to create the community and gather the resources they needed (need!) to meet the challenges faced by those raising children in a world where race matters. 


Whyy is part of a Public Broadcasting Service that aims to ‘enlighten and inspire through information when you need it, entertainment when you want it & education when it counts – TV, radio, online & in the community!’ You can also follow them on Twitter.

National Conference for Community and Justice

The National Conference for Community and Justice is an American social justice organisation focused on fighting biases and promoting understanding between people of different races and cultures. 

Colourism Healing

Run by Dr. Sarah Webb (an Assistant Professor in the department of English and Modern Languages at the University of Illinois Springfield), Colourism Healing has 2 main aims:

1) Raise critical awareness about colorism as a global issue by providing a hub of information and resources

2) Foster healing through creative and critical work. Healing includes 3 key components:

  • Individual healing includes personal mental health and reprogramming implicit bias.
  • Collective healing involves repair relationships between individuals and among groups of people.
  • Systemic healing entails structural changes throughout all sectors of society.

Sarah is prevalent on Twitter and has done a lot of public speaking on the subject, including for TED talks.

~ Catherine.