A White Surprise!


Having just finished our first semester exams, I was ecstatic to look out the window and see a blanket of snow covering absolutely everything! After 3 weeks of all-nighters in the library and drinking coffee like water, it was positively the best after exams treat one could ask for.
I probably did give my housemates quite a shock with all my excitement but for someone who has only played in the “snow” in Mines Wonderland & Genting Highlands, this was unbelievable exciting!

Within seconds, I had on my leather gloves and coat & was out of the door. It felt somewhat surreal looking up into the sky as snow gently fell.Word of advice; leather gloves are the best for making snowballs and building snowmen! 20150129_164414

Sadly, it lasted probably for a good 30 minutes before it begun melting away. Within an hour, the sun was back out, shining brilliantly. Probably the only part of the snow I didn’t quite enjoy was the aftermath were the snow turns into black ice which is highly transparent and thus difficult to see as compared with snow, frozen slush, or thicker ice layers. It did make walking outside slippery but it was all good fun watching each other slide about and fall on our bottoms!

We did have another day of snow, on Thaipusam day actually where this time around, the snow was enough to actually build snowmen as you can see below. For those unfamiliar, Thaipusam is a Hindu festival celebrated mainly by Tamil communities around the world.

The one particular thing I noticed while playing in the snow was that it felt reasonably warmer which seemed odd considering it should have been freezing temperatures. Turns out, it gets warmer when it snows because the snowfall is a result of a current cold dry air one’s feeling; being hit by a warm puff of moisture thus lowering the temperate and causing snow.
Also, because it does not snow often in South East England, when it does, it does get somewhat chaotic. On both days, there were delays in terms of public transport as I was travelling to London on Thaipusam day & had my journey delayed due to the snow. All in all though, it was still relatively easy to get around.

I am eagerly waiting for the next snowfall so I can finally build my own Olaf! And coming from the girl who was on the fence about snow, let me tell you, it is definitely worth it!


Till next time,
Selamat Tinggal!