Will I find my Malaysian food while I’m abroad???


Hi guys! Hope everyone is doing well. It has been sometime since I last blogged. The past two weeks had been really hectic for most students as we were rushing to meet deadlines.  As usual, a typical student life, ideas start blooming 24 hours before the due dates. Oh well I shall stop complaining and just update you on some interesting things instead.

Last week, we had our Malaysian Student Society’s  Annual General Meeting and the new committee for 2015/2016 has been elected. All new committee members have come up with some great ideas in terms of activities for the next academic year. This includes a lot of activities to help you future members cope with being away from home and fit into your new surroundings. Remember all Malaysian Society events are never complete without food. As you know we bond over food. I’m talking about mamak here..oh man how I miss my mamak.. 3 more months for my roti canai and teh Tarik. (P/s: Abhi must be enjoying her Malaysian food at the moment)  Oh wait, I don’t have to actually wait for 3 months to get it, since Guildford is just 34 minutes by train to London, I can always go find my favourite Malaysian food.

My favourite place to visit when I crave for Malaysian food would be the Malaysian Hall Canteen at Queensborough Terrace, Bayswater, London. What would you like? Nasi Lemak? Roti Canai? Nasi goreng pataya? You name it and they have it! They have literally everything you can imagine there..not really but it is more than enough when you are in a foreign country. My personal view is that the food is tasty and you can afford it at a reasonable price. If you are lucky, you might even get a student discount.  There are a number of restaurants in London however I keep going back to this one since it is easily accessible and affordable for student budget. Some of my friends recommended “Dapur” which is located at China Town in London but I have yet to try. . The link below gives you a list of Malaysian Restaurant around London


The closes to campus would be from Matahari. Matahari is a Malaysian owned Thai Restaurant. Matahari’s “Fusion-Cuisine” emphasis on Malaysian cookery, with a blend of Thai, Chinese and South-East Asian influence. It is located at the Guildford town centre. Once you get here, you may want to ask some fellow Malaysian for the exact location as I got lost looking for it the first time. On the bright side I manage to discover some nice cafes around Guildford town centre. The best way to discover the town centre is to just walk around and you will be amazed at what you find by the end of the day.  That is all for now from me. Hope you guys have a great week ahead! Till the next time. Bye!