Summer BBQ with MSS

Hello! Apa khabar???

Hope you guys are doing well,especially those of you having your final exams. Don’t worry, you are not alone. We are stressing out on exams and deadlines as well. Omg..I just realised there is exactly just 3 weeks before the exam period starts and with deadlines approaching it is not going to be easy at all. Oh well, as the saying goes, ‘all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy’, so do take time out to have some fun and chillax. That is exactly what I did last weekend with my Malaysian family here in Surrey.

Credits: Almaz       Credits: Almaz

Last Sunday, the Malaysian Student Society (MSS) of Surrey organised their annual Summer BBQ by the University lake. We were lucky enough to have an amazing weather on that day. It was definitely a wise decision by the committee to reschedule the event to Sunday based on the weather forecast..(it is not as if you can trust the weather forecast here!). The event started at about 12 noon, but being Malaysians, we just stick to our Malaysian timing and half the crowd only started arriving after 1pm but that wasn’t an issue as it took some time for them to set up the BBQ pit. We had a variety of food on that day including ‘mee goreng’, ‘nasi goreng’, ‘kek batik’, bread pudding, ‘satay’ and peanut sauce and fruit salad to name a few. It was more of a potluck and as I was told the families were kind enough to voluntarily for us.

Credits:Abdul Rashid

credits: Rashid

          credits: Almaz

The whole scene for the event was a nice homely atmosphere where we all just stayed on after eating and started chatting, updating each other…the kids were busy blowing bubbles away and running around chasing each other. Some were just sitting around having their own karaoke section with Sam (our new event coordinator) on his guitar…while some of the boys were still grilling more chicken and lamb for us to fill our stomach. Can you kind of picture the scene??

There are some really nice photos from the event. Mainly because we have amazing photographers and not forgetting some very talented models in our society! They just know the best moment to click a picture.

Credits: Amirul Hasim       Credits: Abdul Rashid                       a3 - Copy      Credits: Amirul Hasim

credits: Abdul Rashid          credits: Abdul Rashid


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That is how chill our Malaysian society is!!! We try to make everyone feel don’t worry if you joining Surrey this September! You won’t find it hard settling in with us around!!

Lastly I just wanted to tell you how proud and accomplished I feel as I finally learned how to make my own daisy headband!!! 😀

I have been waiting to make one since last Spring!

 Credits: Amirul Hasim

  credits: Intan Diyana   credits: Abdul Rashid


That is all from me for now. Take care guys! Those of you stressing out about exams..have a break..and have kitkat maybe!!  😉

Bye bye!

Photo credits: Amirul Hasim, Abdul Rashid, Almaz, Intan Diyana 🙂