Journey from Malaysia to the UK….. (Part 1)

Hello! Apa Khabar! Ni Hao! Vanakkam!

Hi everyone, since it’s the first time I’m blogging here, just thought I would say a quick hello to everyone in some mostly used language in Malaysia 🙂

I’ve been following the blogs of the students since I started researching on the universities to further study and I found it quite useful as it gave me a different insight of student life in the university from a student perspective. And now here I am joining the team to blog of my journey here in Surrey and I’m getting really excited! So, a quick introduction of myself, my name is Adeline (You Ting) Koo, currently pursuing my masters degree in International Business Management in University of Surrey. I grow up in Kuala Lumpur and finished my Bachelor Degree in Accounting in University Tunku Abdul Rahman last year. After finishing my Bachelor Degree, I thought it will be a nice thing to take a gap year off to travel around the world but I found a better way instead which is to further study in the UK! By that, besides getting the chance to travel around the UK and Europe due to its close proximity, I also get to increase my knowledge and earn an extra title to help in my career path afterwards.

Graduated from UTAR! 🙂

Firstly, most of the people have been asking me since I touched down here on why I chose Surrey. Well, to be honest, I started to hear about Surrey when I browse through the league tables. Surrey actually improved greatly in the rankings and is now in the top TEN university in the UK and also named the University of the Year! And thus, I started to do research on the university and I immediately fell in love with the pictures of the campus’ beautiful environment and state-of-the-art facilities (and the pictures didn’t fail me as the campus is really beautiful when I see it with my own eyes!). I’m also impressed by the various kinds of support services offered to the students such as the Student Services Center, Center of Wellbeing, International Student Support, Student Life Mentoring, English Language Support Programme and etc and you can choose any service that suits you most.

After deciding on choosing Surrey to further study (and being accepted as well :P), I started to prepare myself for the journey, applying for a visa, accommodation on campus, paying tuition fee deposits (feel free to ask me if you have any questions on the process above) and also saying my goodbyes to friends and family.

And the day finally comes when its time to fly. Friends and family came and send me off at the airport. I remember I was really excited and nervous for the beginning of my new journey, but also sad to bid farewell with beloved family and friends.

Last pic in the airport with Papa, Mama, Brother and Cousins! I miss you all dearly…


Family and friends at the airport! (ignore my face as I’ve been crying the whole night T.T)

Okay I guess I’ll stop here as it’s becoming a very long post. I’ll continue on the second part soon!

See you and cheers! 🙂