Happy 90th Birthday to the Queen!

Hey guys. How’s life? 🙂 So as usual it’s Wednesday again so it’s blogging day! Wheee~~ 😛 Although I don’t really know how many of you is actually reading on the blogs but I really do hope those that are really reading it enjoys the posts, and of course if there is anything that you want to know more regarding my life here in the UK, or even specifically in Surrey, or anything that you think I can do better in the blog posts, do leave a comment below or drop us an email and I will really appreciate your comments. 🙂

Initially I’m planning to continue to blog about part 2 of my Easter Holiday trip in the UK this time, but it’s Queen Elizabeth’s birthday last Thursday so I thought I would like to dedicate this post just for Her Royal Highness, and also any fans of the British royal family from Malaysia.

So, the Queen is officially 90 years old last Thursday! Apparently, Her Royal Highness is the longest reigning monarch of Great Britain. 🙂 There is a huge celebration for Her Royal Highness birthday throughout the whole UK and also overseas especially at the Commonwealth countries whereby there is more than 900 beacons lighted up throughout the whole world. Buckingham Palace has also released a series of photos of the Queen in celebration of Her Royal Highness’ Birthday.

The Royal line up. Prince George is just too cute! 🙂

The Queen and her 5 great grandchildren and 2 youngest grand children 🙂 

Queen Elizabeth and her daughter, Princess Anne

Queen Elizabeth on the steps of Windsor Castle’s east terrace with four of her dogs

On the day itself, a grand birthday celebration for the Queen was held in Windsor Castle. Thousands of members of public was already waiting there excitedly since early in the morning for the Queen’s arrival. The Queen, accompanied by her husband, Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Phillip walked around Windsor Castle to greet the public and received lots of passionate greetings, balloons, gifts and renditions of Happy Birthday. Her Royal Highness then continues to a cake cutting ceremony and also light up the first beacon in celebration of her birthday.

The Queen greeting her people 🙂

On the other hand, there is also a celebration here in Guildford in conjunction of the Queen’s birthday, although this event is not attended by the Queen. After knowing about this, me and my friends were really excited and decided to join in the celebration. 🙂 We arrived in town at 7.30pm and gathered under the clock in High Street. The Mayor of Guildford, Nikki Nelson-Smith made a short address to the public and then torches were lit up for a torchlight procession that take place from the Guildhall ( the clock in the High Street) proceeding across the town bridge and then up to the Mount for the beacon lighting ceremony. After the beacon was lit, everyone sang happy birthday and UK’s national anthem- God save the Queen. It was an amazing experience to see how the UK citizens really love their queen and I’m really honored and glad to be part of the celebration. Long live the Queen!

Me and my friends!

Walking up the mount

Holding a torch!

Singing Happy Birthday after lighting up the beacon 🙂

That’s all for this post and as promised I’ll continue to blog about my travel experience in the UK in the upcoming post! See you guys again next Wednesday! 🙂