The Unavoidables


What comes after winter break?
I suppose after all the winter fantasies we had (travelling around and enjoying food feast), is the reality to prove our ability. Well, I tried to make it sounds fancier, but to make it simple, EXAMS.

Unavoidables 1 – Exam Weeks

It is the time to face the reality despite how reluctant you are.
It is the time to see how much you have learned last semester.
It is the time to reflect how much effort you have put into.

Unavoidables 2 – Procrastination

I reckon it is quite a special case for me.
After the general new year on 1st Jan, I am going to celebrate Chinese New Year (or so called Spring Fest) in 27 days. And I am going home! I just wouldn’t be able to start with this holiday mood on. With so much to revise, the photo below kinda show what I am feeling right now. (Decent excuse, right?)


Overwhelmed by notes and assessments, where should I start from?

Unavoidable 3 – The Weather

Weather in UK just happen to take the blame of everything. Ha!
It is winter! The only thing we should do is to snug into the warm duvet and having a mug of hot MILO!
Who wants to study dreadfully, or even to fight the wind to climb up the slope just to revise in the library?

Unavoidable 4 – Gaining Weight

What is even worse than handling the stress of assessment and exams? Gaining weight and losing health at the same time. When it comes to deadlines and exams, it means fast food, snacks, and 24/7 sitting in front of the desk trying to revise as much as possible.

Sounds bad isn’t it? Here are some tips!


Where to start?

Eat well.

If you think eating is a waste of your time and so you do not eat or just simply stop your hunger from any snacks and fast food (esp pizzas), that probably harm you in a different way. I am sure most of you know, but if you haven’t heard of it, here is the fact: – that a balanced and healthy diet strengthen your memory. So, if you can’t cook yourself a decent meal, perhaps pack more fruits, or vege salad or nuts as your revision snack. p/s: cheap fruits and vege bargains during Market Day every Thursday on-campus.


Tea / Coffee Alongside

Personally, I sleep easily anywhere anytime, and especially while revising. I meant, chilly weather is always a good weather to sleep in isn’t it? So, I always have my tea alongside. From the typical chrysanthemum, to Japanese green tea, they are my life saviour. Or if you are a coffee lover, you can always have coffee from the Starbucks on campus!


Photographer: LHK


Working out helps to release stress because  it releases endorphins. Either a bit of jogging, swimming or core training, it could soothe your tensed brain. Give your brain a little break since it has already been working hard enough for all day. I found that enhance my efficiency and effectivity of revision though. Not to mention, you can maintain / lose your weight from all those feast you had during winter break.

A / Half Day Off

If you have sufficient time and enough confidence on yourself, why not take a day off? I am the one who can’t sit still. So I normally slot other things in a long long long super long revision time. It could be a stretching session after 3 hours of revision, or just a short 30 mins show on Netflix, or even working part-time. I took part in the Ambassador Panel during the Agent Conference. Being part of the panel, well, it is a little bit scary, but it feels good to have finally met some ambassador friends I made, and also agents from Malaysia. I shared the culture shock bits, and things that I have missed while studying in here. We had pleasure times even it is just a short while of  3 hours. Off topic tho. Anyhow, just a short break of doing anything unrelated to your study would help.

The panels. From @SurreyInt.

The panels. From @SurreyInt.

Just Do It!

Don’t plan. Just get all the way out and start. If you can’t focus, start by doing past year papers. Library has it all. By doing something practical, you will get yourself into focus faster. Also, you would be able to identify what you do not understand from answering the questions.

Surrey snowed!!!!!! There is a Chinese saying that when it snows, it would be a good start of the year. Even though it sounds superstitious, but I would like to believe it this time, for the sake of snow, and my EXAM. Hahaha! Those who are taking exams soon, jiayou! Add oil!!!!! Being a typical Malaysian, Malaysia Boleh! Hahahaha!!!

Comment below if you have more tips preparing for exams!