A Wild Heart : Part 2

Sorry guys it has been long! As I went back to Malaysia for a well-deserved Chinese New Year break! (That will be in the blog soon, so stay tuned!) SO, here we are back to the Scotland trip Part 2 that I left off last time, which is after Isle of Skye!

I was suppose to stop at Loch Ness but then, well, plans changed. I need to be back to Edinburgh because of a debate competition.  Since I was one day earlier to my friend’s arrival, I spent the day exploring the vibrant city.

Here comes the tips! There are free tours! Free tours!
Free city tour starts at 10am, 11am and  2pm.
Free ghost tour at 6pm and 7pm.

The essential part is, they are truly free. You can tip based on the service delivered and the amount you have in your wallet, after the tour ends. People normally tip a lot because they really did a great job but don’t feel pressured!

To some of you who might question: why should you go with a tour? 
Answer: the history and folklores are those that create the beaut. There are lots of magnificent architecture you can see in all around the world, but the stories behind it are unique and can never be duplicated by other destination.

I shall tell you some fun facts about Edinburgh, but the essence part, I would like you to explore yourself when you visit the city. I have planned to revisit it in summer, when the Edinburgh Festival Fringe is on. It is the world’s largest art festival! Feel free to click on the link and know more about it!

Fun Facts:

  1. National animal of Scotland: Unicornquestion-face
    Yes, no doubt. <<< That is my facial expression when I was told.
    Reason: Because England’s national animal is Lion and Lion is afraid of Unicorn.Of course that is not true!!! It meant for innocence and purity, healing powers, joy and even life itself, and was also seen as a symbol of masculinity and power. The ‘afraid’ thing is just a joke among the Scottish, told by the tour guide.
  2. Edinburgh was the first city in the world to have its own fire service in 1703.
  3. J.K.Rowling used to go to the Nicolson`s café during a hard period of her life and she started to write the first book about Harry Potter exactly there. Now there is a restaurant on that place called «Spoon»
  4. And Lord Voldemort got his name of Tom Riddle from a famous cemetery there, near the cafe.
  5. Greyfrairs Bobby is buried at the cemetery as well.  (Check out Bobby’s story here, somehow similar to Hachi of Japan)
  6. If you spot a heart shapes mosaic on the high street please don’t sit on it for selfie or wefie or whatever -fie. It is the Heart of Midlothian and people spit on it as it marks its doorway: the point of public execution.

These are some of the interesting stories you will heard from the free tour. There are more stories gonna be told and the guide is very engaging, with lot sense of humour, along with heavy Scottish accent. If I have to rate it, I will give him 10/10 for the whole tour!

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Debating was done on the second day, which was quite a mix of serious mental argument and the touch of friendship while understanding each other stances. This impromptu trip was more than I could learn and could have expected. A wild heart with an emotional touch, perhaps is the best travel company.