Relaxed and Nothing Less

You know what’s great about Guildford? Besides the fact that it’s a beautiful place to live in?

It’s great because it’s such a small town, and coming from a country that doesn’t know what sleep is (shops here close at 5pm; rasa nak gelak or nangis pun tak tau lah), I’ve learnt to appreciate the serenity.


This week was a relaxing one for me. One that I haven’t had in a while. It was assignment-free, no travel plans, just me and a seemingly-empty campus. I think it’s important to have time for yourself especially in a place where everything you do depends entirely on yourself. If you don’t do the laundry, you’ll run out of clothes. If you don’t make the effort to cook or get a meal, you’ll starve. It kinda sounds a little extreme but there is truth to it. And I feel it’s important for me to experience that bitterness.


I’ve been spending a lot of time just walking around campus this week and it has made me realise that time is passing so quickly. I feel like it was just yesterday I arrived from Bangi with my whole life in a 30kg suitcase. It still baffles me that I actually made it to the UK. Gosh I’m sidetracking. Anyways.


Here’s what came to mind this week:

  1. I’m already in mid second semester and soon enough it’ll be the end of first year for me
  2. I spent wayy too much on Starbucks this week
  3. This place is starting to feel like home to me


On that third point, of course I miss home everyday but nowadays I find joy in a lot of the things here as well. People included. Like it doesn’t feel foreign anymore. I guess that feeling came with time but I don’t know how to elaborate it further. What I’m trying to say is, for those of you reading my posts I want you to know that home doesn’t have to be a place. It can be a feeling of growth, independence and being happy to acknowledge yourself for who you are.


I hope you’ve all had a wonderful week and I wish you happiness wherever you are <3


With love,