One World Week

Hi everyone! How are we doing today?


Today’s post is going to be just a little story time about the One World Week that was held two weeks ago. I know I know, late to report again haha sorry guys it’s been a hectic week! It was manifestos and annual grand meetings week with the societies on campus and guess what. You’re reading the new Malaysian Society new President’s blog posts starting today hehe.


Anyways, One World Gala was an entire week of fun from all corners of the world. It was a week where all the nationalities of the world could showcase everything special about their country. All throughout, there were events commemorating food and culture. The best events for me were the food festival and the finale: One World Gala.

The food festival was amazing. I mean of course it would be. And the great thing about it was that most societies had vegetarian versions of nearly all their dishes (which is amazing for people who have specific dietary requirements). I had a taste of Philippines, Poland, UAE, Pakistan, and so much more. Another plus side to the event was that food really brings people together. It was such a good opportunity to make new friends from around the world within just a hall! Here’s me and some new friends I made, enjoying some Vietnam fish soup.

The highlight of One World Week was definitely the Gala at the end of it. There were around 18 societies in total that performed during the night. Malaysian society was one of them! and let me tell you we were good haha not to blow our own horns but it’s true. It was a 10 minute performance and we performed traditional Malay dance and also Indian (Bollywood more like it) dance. It was so much fun practising and it was a great time to get to know other members of the Malaysian Society. Everyone was pretty nervous but at the end of it, we all had too much fun on stage haha.

If you guys come to Surrey to study here, this is definitely one of those events that you should get involved in! After all, living abroad makes you miss home and having to perform for your country really makes you feel the national pride <3


Talk to you all later,