Chamonix Honeymoon with the Gang

The most common challenge that one international student face is not being able to adjust and adapt into new life, and new style of teaching. You know, Asian style of teaching primarily focuses on memorise over and over again, and exam over and over again. But it is completely different over here. I have already used to it now, but this March has been crazily busy to meet tons of deadlines while preparing an event, trying not make a loss (that’s the main point ha!). Therefore I desperately need an escape with my soulmates. Yea, they are soulmates since high school, the forever-passionate one (YC), the calm one and me ( I wonder how they describe me then, maybe the troublemaker hahahaha!).

We did not do much planning on this trip probably because we are too busy with own coursework and also of course, we do not mind the trip at all as long as we are spending time together. As long as we could finally meeting up and updating each person’s recent life.

Day 1- Arrive in Geneva

Well, it kinda created a weird feeling that I was traveling in Switzerland but in fact I gonna spend my entire trip in Chamonix, France. There are plenty of buses/shuttle to Chamonix, which you can buy either in advanced (which is cheaper) or on the day. Easyjet tends to delay, so perhaps you need to consider that when buying in advanced.

The weather wasn’t that great tho. Cloudy, no sun, cold, just like in UK. But nothing can ever stop us from being excited!!! We walked all the way to Lac des Gaillands just to picnic there. It was supposed to be a 40 minutes walk we ended up spending more than an hour just for photos. Went to buy postcards after that. Meh…. our typical habit. postcards!!!!! Could never miss that~

Day 2 – OMG Sun!

We woke up soooooooo early for Aiguille du Midi but the weather was not good either… 🙁 Instead we went to the “high street” (we named it as it is busier than the other places). They have street arts! LOL! It reminds me of Penang, which is full of street arts now. Spend almost 30 minutes taking photos again and realise HUAWEI has the best camera! (adios, iPhone)

Then we crawled our way up to the museums and being all fascinated by how human can go extreme to do some crazy stuffs. So inspired, so passionate about life. To conquer fear, as well as the extreme nature. After the museum here came the sun!!! Never thought I would be so excited for the sun, as sunny day in Malaysia is totally a different story. Had our lunch by the riverside, with the best view of Mont-Blanc. The best lunch place I ever had.

Even though the sun came out, it was too late for us to go up. Therefore we headed back to Lac des Gaillands again.


[Summer is hitting in, I think I am packing lunch to uni after easter, and picnic by the Surrey’s Jet d’Eau].

Day 3-  Tandem Paragliding

It has always been my to do list and finally I tried it out and am so tempted to do a 3-weeks-course now. So that I can fly wherever I like. Just hike and glide ha! Will definitely try other sky sports next time.

Well, photos tell the stories!