Part-time work at Surrey!

Apa khabar everyone 🙂

The 2017 SEA Games are underway back home and has been very exciting to follow. Malaysia Boleh! Anyways, for today’s post, I shall be blogging about working part-time whilst studying here at Surrey University during both term and holiday time

We all know studying in the UK can be quite taxing on finances, especially with the weak exchange rate between Ringgit and Pound. Luckily, students can work part-time to support themselves whilst at Surrey University. There are various ways to supplement student’s incomes which I shall shortly be going through. Firstly though, it must be noted that international students are only allowed to work 20 hours per week during term time. This is something that must be followed as it is part of the conditions of the student visa. However, students can work full time during winter, Easter and summer break by getting a letter from the Surrey Student Services to confirm term dates

In terms of pay, it is based on ages. For students under the age of 25, the National Minimum Wage applies. After 25, the National Living Wage applies. Below are the current rates as of April 2017. These rates are for the National Living Wage and the National Minimum Wage. The rates change every April.

Year 25 and over 21 to 24 18 to 20 Under 18 Apprentice
April 2017 £7.50 £7.05 £5.60 £4.05 £3.50


Also, before embarking on a part-time job, I had to apply for my National Insurance Number first. Some of you may not need to apply for one however as the NI number may be printed on the back of your biometric residence permit (BRP). But for those who don’t have it, you can apply by phone once you’re in the UK

Firstly, UniTemps is a great way to find part-time work. It is a university owned temporary staffing service which provides job opportunities on campus, in Guildford town and surrounding area with local businesses for students. All students need to do is sign up which takes 5 minutes and is completely free. After, students receive emails every so often regarding job openings. This can range from bar and administration work to helping with IELTS classes and tests. There are also many catering and invigilating opportunities available on campus. What I like about UniTemps is that it’s flexible. I can sign-up for jobs when its most convenient for myself and need not be tied down for months on end at a certain job

Being a student ambassador at Surrey University (like I am!) is also a part-time job. Like UniTemps, it’s also flexible. I must say, I find working as a Student Ambassador the best job because it’s not only fun, but rewarding as well! It involves many different tasks and revolves around my workload. It works on a first-come-first-serve basis whereby emails are sent out for jobs such as conducing tours around the campus and ambassador register their names in the poll sheets attached. I’ve learnt many skills such as speaking confidently throughout my years as being a student ambassador and plus, the pay is above minimum wage (always a great bonus!)

There are also restaurants and shops on campus which hire students for part-time work such as Appleseed (our on-campus merchandise store), Young’s Kitchen, Hillside Restaurant and Wates Bar + Restaurant

Besides working on campus, Guildford Town Center has ample job vacancies throughout the year. I worked part-time in my second year at an independent café named The Garden Café which sadly closed its doors after 9 years. It was a really good experience because having waitressing skills is great: its transferrable and means that I could get another waitressing job anywhere really. I worked 2-3 times a week at the café and learnt many skills such as time-management and impeccable customer service. I also would get tips at the end of each shift which was an added incentive to always be on my best :p Working at cafes isn’t the only options though. Most retails stores hire students as well. You could work part-time at H&M and Zara for example (employee discounts for the win!)

Working at these stores also means there a possibility of rising up the ranks. I have friends who have become managers and supervisors of Costa and Starbucks for example, respectively. Besides the job progression perks, I find working part-time helps me focus better when it comes to studies. I felt that having too much free time was causing me to neglect my studies and revision, basically procrastinate until the very last minute. With a part-time job, I had less time to procrastinate and hence was making good use of the free time that I did have. Also, part-time work has been a great addition to my CV. Employers appreciate students who have had part-time work experience as it shows we have shouldered responsibility and learnt to manage our time well, besides the many other skills gained

I would recommend students to get a part-time job whilst at Surrey University. There’s just ample benefits to be gained + it’s a great way to make new friends! 😀

Anyways, that’s all for now

Till next time: Selamat tinggal x