Moving Advice

Hi everyone!

Can’t believe Malaysia is now 60 years old 🙂 #AnakMalaysia!

Anyways, it’s almost time to move out of my Surrey Accommodation (2 days to be exact!) and I’m full of mixed emotions. The reality of graduating and finishing university is finally sinking in. I’ll be starting my graduate job at the end of Sept in Swindon and hence am moving to my new place this weekend

Today I thought I’d blog about moving advice since it’s something I’ve had lots of experience with throughout my 4 years here at Surrey. As you all may know, Surrey University provides first-years guaranteed accommodation on campus or at Manor Park and Hazel Farm. After, students find private accommodation in and around Guildford Town or neighboring areas such as Woking

I lived in Hazel Farm in my first year and then went into private housing with my first-year housemates for second year. Summer break is roughly three months long and I chose to go home to Malaysia for the long break. The dilemma of where to store my belongings soon arose. I was lucky to be able to store my many, many bags with a relative who lives in London during the three month break

Private housing tenancy usually runs for 12 months meaning you’ll probably be paying for three month’s rent whilst you’re not around. Some students choose not to return home and undergo summer placements/internships/part-time jobs during this time and live in the house that they’re already paying rent for. Also, if the timings coincide well, you could store your belongings there during the summer break and still return home. Since my house tenancy only began in August, I hired a taxi to take myself and my belongings back to Guildford from London when I returned for second year

For those who may not have relatives nearby, there are plenty of storage companies that can collect straight from your doorstep on campus, store items for the summer and deliver it to your new house when specified. There are many companies such as LoveSpace  and Kelly’s Storage which have been used by many Surrey students. Prices are affordable too, especially with longer commitments with storage as low as £2 per box per month. Many storage companies do provide boxes with packing purposes as well. You can also join with other friends who are planning to use storage companies as again, prices are reduced significantly

There is also the option of asking friends for help with storing your belongings temporarily. A few of my friends living in Guildford, Devon and Croydon offered to take bags and boxes home along with their belongings when they were moving back home for the summer. If you don’t have too many bags and boxes, this is something else you could look into when the times comes

After my second year, I moved to a different town for placement year. This meant having to move my stuff quite a distance away. Going back and forth with a taxi was feasible if not for the fact that I had more than a car’s worth of belongings by now. My godmother offered to move my stuff for me which I’m super grateful for. Before I mentioned my predicament to her however, I had a look at van hires from Guildford to Swindon and did find reasonable rates for a three hour hire

For a shorter distance, i.e. between Guildford itself, I would recommend using taxi services or Uber perhaps. For those with friends who have cars, offering to pay for the petrol could save you a few pounds instead of using taxis. I have had friends who moved bags and boxes between Manor Park and the University campus itself sporadically throughout the day by either walking or getting a day bus pass

Now that I’m moving out of Guildford for good to Swindon, I have accumulated probably a large car’s worth of stuff over my 4 years here. My parents are coming down for a short holiday and will be hiring a car to help me move to my new place in Swindon. It’s definitely taken the pressure off moving this time as it’s nice to have my parents help for this big move into the adulting word, as I like to call it

As I’m off to a new town soon signifying my departure from Surrey, this will be one of my last blog posts 🙁 But no tears yet as there will be at least one more post

Till next time: Selamat tinggal x