Gotta get that money!

Hey guys I hope you’re well and have enough money to buy groceries haha.

This week, the topic is about duit duit duit. I’ve been finding it a bit challenging to keep track of my finances. I think all students go through this sooner or later but this month’s been particularly hard on me.

The thing is, I haven’t been spending money on unnecessary things such as impulsive shopping. I’ve been carrying on with how I normally do but it just doesn’t seem enough!

I definitely think that it’s because I’m now living off campus. It really is disappointing that I wasn’t allowed to stay on campus anymore since I’m in 2nd year. Anyways, enough is enough! I said in my previous post last week that I was going to find a job and God bless I did! Well, technically it’s a trial shift but that’s better than nothing!

Alhamdulillah I got this opportunity to work at The Tea Terrace in the town centre. It serves tea and cakes and has the cutest set up for an afternoon tea. It’s even got a Cinderella carriage I love it so much. The work is a lil tiring but what work isn’t right. I hope I get the position there, wish me luck guys!

Till next time,