Busy busy bee


I am baaaaaaack! For this week, at least. I have been swamped with assignments and upcoming tests.

On the bright side, this means that Easter break is coming soon! Whoopee!

So, English people are stereotyped to talk about the weather often, yes?

I finally understand why. THE WEATHER HERE IS CRAZY!

When it was the end of February nearing March, the weather was turning milder, flowers started blooming, the daylight was longer, I started pulling out my leather jackets… You get the gist.

But then…


It started SNOWING. It didn’t even snow during winter.¬† The temperatures went negative, the poor flowers that had started blooming died again, I wore more layers than I did throughout the winter…¬†Apparently, the reason for this was because of wind that had travelled somewhere from Serbia/ Russia appropriately named the “Beast from the East”. After about a week or two of snow all-day-err-day, it is finally spring.¬†

I welcome with open arms my lighter jackets and no more Uggs! Pretty flowers are blooming again and the daylight is so much longer! (Fun fact: I’m allergic to flowers so I don’t really know why I’m focusing so much on them.) Whoopeeeeee!

That’s it from me this week! I have to get back to revising for my assessments… (T_T)

P.S I was recently informed that my dreams might be flushed down the toilet because it is reported that it is going to snow again this weekend. The Beast of the East is deserving of its title. A savage beast it is indeed.

P.P.S I made a snow angel. It was a goal of mine to make one since I was a little kid living in Malaysia where the closest thing we have to snow, is dandruff drifting down from a tall person. (^-^) Aren’t you glad to have that image in your head now?

Isabelle N.