Hi! I’m Zahra, nice to meet you :)

Hello there! I’m Zahra, a second year student studying Mechanical Engineering here at the University of Surrey. It has been quite sometime since i first came to Guildford and i must say one thing for a fact, it is the University like you see in the movies. It has been approximately two years since i came here and it’s safe to say that it was the best two years of my whole life. The aura, the environment, the setting of thing happening here are what you would always imagine a university life would be. The activities they arrange and do here are like those thing you see in the movies! Just yesterday on the 27th of March, we had our own University of Surrey Varsity! Students from Royal Holloway University of London came all the way here to up against our teams in all different sports events. Well of course, our uni won most of the categories.

As for the story of how i got to know about this University is none other than from alumni of this University itself, my aunt! My dream has always been to grow up and study here in the UK. Back then when i was still studying in my secondary school, i used to go back to my hometown often (where most of my aunties are) in Penang, and as i got nearer to the day of my SPM results, my aunt kept telling me about how her time in the UK was the best throughout her whole life! So every time i saw her, i’ll ask her to tell me more stories about her stay here in the UK until one day, and she would goon and on about how great her university was until one day i decided to ask her what was this specific University that she was so proud about. Bear in mind that, my dream has always been to come to the UK. And so my aunt told, me the name of this University and it turns out to be the University of Surrey! Every time i visited the UK i would drop by the uni, i even have photos of 2 year old me posing my the University lake! Ever since then, i have taken a liking to this uni and worked hard to get enrolled here and here i am now, sitting in the ambassador office writing to you guys of how i got here. What a dream come true.

To be very honest with you guys for the whole period i have been in this university, all the other Malaysian students and when i say all, i mean ALL of them, not one has ever said that their experience here was a bad one. Everyone had something good to say about this university and i think that would be more than a reason for you to have a long think about choosing this University. For the two whole years i have been here, sure there have been times that i am down but i guess being in this university’s environment cheered me back up! There has never been a boring day here in the University of Surrey! Oh would you look at the time, I have a project meeting to attend to in half an hour. I guess this is it for now. I guess I’ll see you guys again in my next post, hope you guys have a lovely day 🙂