Back from placement, straight to final year

Hi everyone!

Some of you might remember me from a few years back. My name’s Iman and I’m a final year Psychology student from Bandar Baru Bangi. You probably know it as the town that houses UKM. I’ve recently completed one whole year of working through the Professional Training Year (PTY). This is an opportunity that is open to undergraduates at the University of Surrey and allows students to take on a year of work experience before returning to complete their final year.

I initially enrolled as a three-year student for the BSc Psychology programme in 2016 however decided to take on a PTY at the last minute. I definitely do not recommend applying for it last minute as the process to extend your visa takes quite a while. The reason I did was because I realised that I needed to discover my interests in applied psychology. Since you’re reading this now, you could look further into the PTY that Surrey offers and I’ll let you know how my experience went in next week’s post!

For now, I have to get to class which starts in about 15 minutes. I’ve been enjoying final year so far, especially because I finally get to choose my own modules which are Thought & Language and Environmental Psychology. I’m aiming to blog once a week on Thursdays so keep up with me and I’ll let you in on my final year adventure!

Catch you next time,