How I celebrated Christmas

This year I celebrated Christmas away from home, I spent it with my friends and visited new places in the UK. Here are the things I did during December.

  1. Visited London to see the christmas light

London is filled with Christmas lights almost everywhere, it is filled with Christmas spirits. I visited Leicester Square Christmas market and went to Convent Garden to see the Christmas tree light. I took the bus to travel around and was able to see Christmas light along the journey, it was so magical!

Here are places you can visit to enjoy the Christmas lights in London: Carnaby Street, South Bank (with Christmas market), Convent Garden (with Christmas market), Regent Street, St James’s and Piccadilly, Bond Street, Leicester Square (with Christmas market) and Oxford Street.

Christmas tree in Convent Garden

2. Join Winter Ball organised by Abacus society

I went to the Winter Ball event with my friends, we dressed up in suits and dresses for the event. The event offered live performances and Christmas festive food. We ate, watched the performance and met a few new friends as well.

The ticket to the event was around £15

A photo of Ben, Malaysian society president at Winter Ball

3. Early Christmas celebration with Sushi Nara staff

I work part-time at Sushi Nara in Guildford town and the owner hosted a Christmas party for all the staff. We had Korean BBQ and played games at the restaurant. I ate so much and had so much fun with everyone.

still crave Malaysian food tho

4. Christmas dinner with Malaysians at Guilden Village

A few of us decided to organise a Christmas dinner at Guilden Village (private accommodation in Guildford for students) where a few of our friends are staying at. We had roasted turkey, mushroom soup, mac and cheese, roasted lamb with mint sauce, brownies and non-alcoholic mulled wine. The food turned out so flavourful and tasty.

In total we each paid £25 including alcohol

Everything is sooo tasty

5. Free Christmas lunch on campus

On Christmas Day, the campus is closed and most of my flatmates travelled home to celebrate with family. It was quiet around campus and all stores in town were closed on Christmas Eve and Christmas day. This year, the university provided free lunch for students on Christmas day itself. There were many international students at the Hive collecting lunch. I did not have much groceries to make a proper meal and thanks to the free lunch it was able to fill me up before dinner at Guilden Village.

Mince pie is probably my all-time favourite Christmas dessert