Student Accommodation in Guildford

If you prefer not to stay with student accommodation on campus or missed the application deadline, there are other options available for you. If it is your first year at the University of Surrey or cannot find anyone to be housemates to rent a house with. You can consider staying at private accommodation in Guildford that is either walking distance to campus or transport provided to campus, private accommodation has a similar room layout as the university accommodation, you will live in a building with your own room (only you can access) and you can choose either ensuite (with bathroom, communal kitchen) or studio room (bathroom and kitchen). This blog will review all the private accommodations found in Guildford.

Private accommodation usually provides a tenancy period of 51 weeks or shorter, there is a deposit payment needed to be paid upfront before your rental start. The rent pricing is inclusive of water and electricity bills. Different private accommodation has different rules for the payment period, do contact the management team to ensure you are aware of the rental payment period and refund policy. Do note that the pricing listed below are for the academic year of 2022/23.

Scape Guildford

Scape is one of the most expensive private accommodations in Guildford but is very close to campus. Many international students prefer to live here as the facilities here are ‘boujee’ and well equipped. However, price-wise is in the higher range and it can be noisy especially at night as it is next to the train track.

  • price: £225-330 per week
  • walking duration to campus: 5 minutes
  • pros: very close to uni and train station, great facilities (study area, gym)
  • cons: noise pollution, expensive
Scape Guildford, Guildford, United Kingdom - Accommodation Engine
Scape Guildford, Guildford, United Kingdom - Accommodation Engine

Bankside Student Living

Bankside student living is a relatively new private accommodation, the facilities are still new and clean. It is diagonally opposite Scape and is very close to campus. If you prefer to be close to the university, this is a good choice in terms of price and distance.

  • £195-355 per week
  • walking duration to campus: 7 minutes
  • pros: close to uni, train station and supermarket, great facilities (study area and gym)
  • cons: kitchen is small and less storage space, expensive
Bankside Student Living - Guildford - CRM Students
Bankside Student Living - Guildford - CRM Students

The Bridge

The bridge is a student accommodation close to the town centre, the furniture and room layout is similar to the university accommodation. The price range is close to what university accommodation can offer, it is relatively affordable. If you plan to find a part-time job, more opportunities can be found in the town centre so this accommodation can be ideal for you. I have yet to hear from students’ perspectives on their experience staying at The Bridge so I can only provide generate comments on this accommodation.

  • £155-177 per week
  • walking duration to campus: 12 minutes
  • pros: very close to train station and town centre, lower price, food catering available
  • cons: no kitchen, far from university
The Bridge, Guildford | Book Your Student Room Now for 22/23
The Bridge Student Accommodation City Centre, Guildford | AFS

Guilden Village, Stoke Park

Guilden Village is also a relatively new accommodation but further away from campus. I have visited this accommodation multiple times and it is one of a kind. They provide many facilities that not many private accommodations offer such as a game room (with arcade machine), cinema room, mini-golf, private dining room.

  • £180-330 per week
  • walking duration to campus: 22 minutes (transport available)
  • pros: shuttle bus available to university, great facilities, close to train station
  • cons: expensive, poor management (according to google review)
Guilden Village - Future Generation
Classic Ensuite, Guilden Village Stoke Park - Prestige Student Living

Unilife Riverside House (still in renovation period, available from Sept 2022)

  • £227-399 per week
  • 3 minutes walk
  • pros: close to university, train station and supermarket
  • cons: expensive

I hope this blog can provide you with the information needed for private accommodation in Guildford. If you have any queries, check out their webpage as it can easily be found there or you can email/call them if you need further information.