Statistics project with FHMS

Karen Young is part of a team that has been awarded a grant to study the effect of vitamin D on paediatric patients with fatty liver disease (NAFLD).  In addition the project will also examine whether or not they have certain variants (known as polymorphisms) in genes that influence vitamin D status.   Furthermore, this project will also look, in vitro, at the effect vitamin D has on molecular events in the liver that may relate to disease progression.

The principal investigator is Dr J Bernadette Moore, Lecturer in Molecular Nutrition in FHMS.  Karen Young is the statistician on the project, Dr Kath Hart and Prof. Sue Lanham-New from Nutrition are co-investigators on the grant and the research includes clinical collaborators at King’s College Hospital Denmark Hill’s Paediatric Liver Clinic (Dr. Emer Fitzpatrick and Prof Anil Dhawan).