Eoin O' Colgain awarded Marie Curie Fellowship

Eoin O’Colgain has been awarded a Marie Curie Fellowship, funded by the EU.  The project was proposed by Kostas Sfetsos along with Martin Rocek (Stonybrook).  The fellowship is expected to start in Autumn 2013.  Eoin is currently a research fellow at the Universidad de Oviedo, supported by a Juan de la Cierva Fellowship from the Spanish government.  His research interests are in the areas of supersymmetry and gravity.  Solutions to higher-dimensional supergravity correspond to string theory vacua, and it is of interest to combine supersymmetric geometries, consistent dimensional reductions and various dualities.  All three serve to generate higher-dimensional supergravity solutions that may offer some unifying description of our four-dimensional universe.  An interview with Eoin can be found here.