Wolf's paper on twistors appears in J Math Phys

Martin Wolf’s paper, co-authored with Christian Saemann (Heriot-Watt University), has appeared in the latest issue of the Journal of Mathematical Physics.  The paper is “On twistors and conformal field theories from six dimensions“.  The paper discusses chiral zero-rest-mass field equations on six-dimensional space-time from a twistorial point of view.  Specifically, the paper presents a detailed cohomological analysis, develops both Penrose and Penrose–Ward transforms, and analyses the corresponding contour integral formulæ.  The paper also gives twistor space action principles.  Then the twistor space of six-dimensional space-time is reduced to obtain twistor formulations of various theories in lower dimensions. Besides well-known twistor spaces, a novel twistor space is found amongst these reductions, which turns out to be suitable for a twistorial description of self-dual strings. For these reduced twistor spaces, the Penrose and Penrose–Ward transforms are explained as well as contour integral formulæ.  The published version can be found here.