Aston awarded UGPN grant joint with USA and Brazil

Philip Aston has been awarded an UGPN grant for cooperative research between Surrey, North Carolina State University (Prof Hien Tran) and the University of Sao Paulo (Prof Aluisio Segurado).  The project is on “Clinical Data Validated Mathematical Models of HCV Infection Dynamics: An Interdisciplinary Approach for the Prevention, Treatment and Control of HCV Infection“.  Treatment of genotype 1-hepatitis C (HCV) infections is not always successful with a standardised treatment. This project will bring together expertise in mathematical modelling with clinical expertise in an interdisciplinary approach to this problem. Mathematical modelling techniques will be combined with clinical data in order to develop new mathematical models that describe the infection with the effects of treatment. We will also investigate control-theoretic methods for adapting treatment to individuals. The project will include a training course for post doctorate or PhD students in mathematical modelling techniques, the models used for HCV infection and the application of models to clinical data.