Sfetsos gives a talk at Imperial College London

Kostas Sfetsos is visited Imperial College on Wednesday 27 February to give a talk in the London Triangle String Theory Seminar series.  The title of his talk is “Non-abelian T-duality in supergravity and the AdS/CFT correspondence” with abstract as follows.  The notion of T-duality in supergravity backgrounds with non-Abelian isometries and non-vanishing RR fluxes will be explained. The talk will then focus on type-II backgrounds on which the duality action preserves supersymmetry. For the case of D3-branes at the tip of the conifold dualising along an SU(2) isometry provides a type-IIA background with M-theory lift is of the type describing duals to certain N=1 SCFT quivers produced by M5-branes wrapping a Riemann surface. In the non-conformal cases we find smooth duals in massive IIA supergravity with a Romans mass naturally quantized.  The interpretation of these geometries in the context of the AdS/CFT correspondence is initiated and the fate of various charges under dualisation is discussed. The backgrounds suggest a form of Seiberg duality in the dual field theories which also exhibit domain walls and confinement in the infrared.