Gianne Derks visits the University of Leiden

 Gianne Derks visited the University of Leiden in the Netherlands during the first week of May.  On 2nd May, she participated in the workshop “Systems Pharmacology – Towards a European Network“.  The workshop brought together industrial and academic experts from different underpinning disciplines such as (molecular) biology, bio-analytical chemistry, pharmacology, bio-informatics, mathematics and statistics to discuss the academic, industrial and regulatory aspects of systems pharmacology, ongoing initiatives and a number of case studies.  The workshop also explored the opportunities for establishing a “systems pharmacology” European network.  On the 3rd May,  Gianne Derks visited Arjen Doelman, Bert Peletier, Vivi Rottschaffer and Frits Veerman at the Mathematical Institute at Leiden University in the Netherlands.  During that visit, she presented her work with Sara Maad Sasane and Bjorn Sandstede on “Perturbations of embedded eigenvalues for the planar bilaplacian“.