Huang's summer research project on dynamics of blood pressure

Ying Huang, an undergraduate in mathematics, is doing a summer research project, supervised by Philip Aston, on the topic of “Reconstruction of Attractors for Blood Pressure Data as a Diagnostic Tool“, with the following description: ‘Collaborators at Kings College have collected data on the blood pressure of a mouse (undisturbed in a cage) 1000 times per second for 24 hours. They would like a method to analyse this huge dataset and a way of diagnosing any significant changes in the data, such as the mouse waking up from sleep. The data appears to be chaotic, and so a method for reconstructing chaotic attractors in phase space from the data will be used to provide a new way of visualising the data. From this, a variety of measures will be computed that may be useful for diagnosing changes in the behaviour of the heart. ‘