STFC Consolidation grant awarded to FSG group

The Science and Technology Facilities Council has awarded a consolidation grant of £271 k to the Fields, Strings and Geometry Group, entitled Fundamental Implications of Fields, Strings and Gravity.   The Principal Investigator is Kostas Sfetsos, and the co-investigators are the entire FSG team (Grant, Gutowski, McOrist, Pasquetti, Torrielli, Wolf).  The proposal covers two major scientific areas: Strong Coupling Dynamics of Gauge Theories (Kahler potentials via localisation, M2M5 branes, integrability in gauge theories), and Holography, Flux Compactifications and Black Holes (the gauge/gravity correspondence for fluids and the quark gluon plasma, string and flux compactifications, black holes in higher dimensions).  The grant covers travel and subsistence for group members, a percentage of salary, and full support for a PhD student, for a period of 3 years.