FMM group joins EPSRC-funded network on “Living with Environmental Change”

Nith_Flooding_1A team in the Fluid Mechanics and Meteorology Group (Alemi Ardakani, Cheng, Roulstone, Turner, Bridges) are part of a network recently funded by EPSRC on “Living with Environmental Change” (LWEC). The LWEC theme involves 22 partners across government that fund environmental change related research. Partners work together across six challenge areas of climate, ecosystems, resources, health, infrastructure and society with the ambition of providing government, business and society with the knowledge, tools and foresight to be able to adapt to, mitigate and capitalise on environmental change. The network is led by Principal Investigator Onno Bokhove (Leeds) and co-Investigator Gareth Pender (Heriot-Watt University). The link to the LWEC website at EPSRC is here.