Gianne Derks & Emma Hawkins attend pharmacology workshop

wwwfig1Gianne Derks and Emma Hawkins attended a Quantitative Systems Pharmacology meeting last week (14-17 Sept). The meeting took place at the AstraZenica conference centre in Macclesfield. The meeting provided an introduction to QSP and was a forum for researchers in academia and industry to come together to discuss development in this emerging field of science in the UK and internationally. The meeting showcased current advances in the field (Day 1) and provided the opportunity for mathematicians, engineers, scientists and industrialists to exchange skills and knowledge by working on problems brought by life scientists in industry and academia (Days 2 to 4). The meeting was a preliminary activity by the EPSRC funded network on Quantitative Systems Pharmacology (QSP-UK), sponsored by AstraZenica, Pfizer and Unilever.  The network started in September 2015 and will have various activities in the next three years.  Gianne is on the organising committee for this meeting and the network.