David Lloyd’s paper on homoclinic snaking in ferrofluids appears in JFM

S0022112015005650_fig4tThe paper “Homoclinic snaking near the surface instability of a polarizable fluid“, co-authored by David Lloyd, Christian Gollwitzer, Ingo Rehberg, and Reinhard Richter, where the latter three authors are from the University of Bayreuth, has been published in the Journal of Fluid Mechanics. The paper is open access and a link to the published version is here. The paper reports on localized patches of cellular hexagons observed on the surface of a magnetic fluid. The patches are spontaneously generated in experiments by jumping into the neighbourhood of the unstable branch of the domain-covering hexagons of the Rosensweig instability. Numerical results, obtained by discretising a general energy functional and using parameter continuation, are compared with the Bayreuth experiments. A principal result is the planar hexagon fronts and hexagon patches undergo homoclinic snaking corroborating the experimentally detected intervals.