Alessandro Torrielli seminar at ETH in Switzerland

eth-hoenggerberg-2008Alessandro Torrielli is visiting ETH in Zurich Switzerland this week (w/c 19 December).  He is visiting the Institute for Theoretical Physics and giving talk on Tuesday 20 December in the series Strings, CFT & Integrability.  His talk is on “Integrability and massless modes in the AdS3/CFT2 correspondence”, and in it he discusses massless modes in the integrable system underlying the AdS3/CFT2 correspondence. In the first part, he discusses the general expectations from the classic analysis of integrable massless scattering. In the second part, he introduces a q-Poincaré superalgebra which turns out to be an additional symmetry of the massless sector, and in particular displays how the action of boosts is realized. In the third part, he shows the equation which the massless S-matrix satisfies and which is interpreted as its boost invariance, and how this might lead to an emergent geometric reformulation of the problem.