Jon Bevan’s paper on nonlinear elasticity appears in ARMA

rubberThe paper “A condition for the Hölder continuity of local minimizers of a nonlinear elastic energy in two dimensions“, by Jon Bevan, has been accepted for publication in the Archives for Rational Mechanics and Analysis.  The paper proves the local Hölder continuity of strong local minimizers of the stored energy functional subject to a condition of `positive twist’. The latter turns out to be equivalent to requiring that the basic function maps circles to suitably star-shaped sets.  The main innovation is to prove that if a local minimizer has positive twist almost everywhere on a ball then an Euler-Lagrange type inequality holds and a Caccioppoli inequality can be derived from it. The claimed Hölder continuity then follows by adapting elliptic regularity theory.  The paper is published gold OA in the July 2017 issue and a link to the paper is here.