Jock McOrist gives String Theory Seminar at Cambridge

stringsJock McOrist is giving a talk today (Thursday 2 March) in the String Theory Seminar at DAMTP, University of Cambridge.  The title of his talk is “A metric and geometry for heterotic moduli“.  Abstract: heterotic vacua, defined by certain 3 complex-dimensional manifolds with a holomorphic bundle admitting a connection satisfying hermitian Yang-Mills and an anomaly condition, realize four-dimensional chiral gauge theories with N=1 SUSY . Exploiting the supersymmetric relations and geometry, the talk will describe the alpha’-corrected couplings for the four-dimensional effective field theory.  This yields a natural Kahler metric for the moduli space with a shockingly simple Kahler potential.  Along the way,  a natural geometric structure for the heterotic moduli is revealed.