Paper of Jonathan Deane published in energy journal of the Royal Society of Chemistry

The paper “Triboelectric Nanogenerators: Providing a Fundamental Framework” co-authored by Jonathan Deane and a team from Surrey’s Advanced Technology Institute (R.D.I.G. Dharmasena, K.D.G.I. Jayawardena, C.A. Mills, R.A. Dorey, and S.R.P. Silva) has been accepted for publication in the journal Energy and Environmental Science, published by the Royal Society of Chemistry.   In the paper a new model which comprehensively explains the working principles of contact-mode triboelectric nanogenerators based on Maxwell’s equations (shown below) is presented. Unlike previous models which are restricted to known simple geometries and derived using the parallel plate capacitor model, this model is generic and applies to a wide range of geometries and surface topographies.
The impact factor of this journal is 29.52.