Paper of Matt Turner to appear in QJMAM

The paper “Fluid sloshing in rectangular vessels with side-wall baffles using conformal mappings of multiply-connected domains” by Matt Turner has been accepted for publication in the Quarterly Journal of Mechanics and Applied Mathematics.  Final form preprint available here. The paper cleverly utilizes conformal mappings of a multiply connected domain to formulate a numerical procedure which has the ability to simulate an inviscid sloshing fluid in a rectangular vessel, with submerged side-wall baffles. The conformal mappings used are based upon the highly versatile Schottky-Klein prime function which allows the mapping to be easily modified from a doubly-, to a triply-, to an N-fold-connected domain. Results for the form of the conformal mapping are presented for 1 and 2 submerged baffles in both infinite and finite depth fluids.