New Dual Doctorate in Mathematics with Universita Degli Studi de Milano-Bicocca

The University of Surrey and the Universita Degli Studi de Milano-Bicocca have signed a formal agreement to jointly award a PhD degree in mathematics. Students will matriculate and have supervisors at both universities, and be awarded a single dual PhD degree. The negotiation with Milano-Bicocca on behalf of mathematics was led by Ian Roulstone with contributions from Alessandro Torrielli, Cesare Tronci and Matt Turner.

The agreement has much wider consequences for the university and includes a “International Dual Doctorate agreement for Biomedical, Physchological and Health Sciences“, and an “International Dual Doctorate agreement for Mathematics and Theoretical Physics“. The agreement was signed by the Vice Chancellor at Surrey and his counterpart at Milano-Bicocca on 20 February 2019.  The negotiation on behalf of the University of Surrey was led by Tom Windle of the Global Engagement Office.