Natalie Douglas invited by European Space Agency to talk to Climate Detectives

Climate Detectives is an ESA school project for students between 8 and 15 years old.  Hundreds of students in groups at schools all over the world signed up to take on the challenge of ‘making a difference’ in understanding and protecting Earth’s climate. Natalie originally gave feedback to 8 project proposals and was subsequently invited by ESA to talk to the students via a live webinar broadcast on YouTube to help them understand what lies beneath climate change. Over 400 students logged in to watch Natalie explain, in simple terms, the basics of Earth’s climate. During the webinar, now published on the ESA website, she talks about some of the important areas of understanding and mitigating climate change including:

  • the difference between weather, climate variability and climate change
  • some of the causes and consequences of climate change and how to help
  • the science and how scientists investigate climate change

Watch the Climate Detectives webinar (link here).