Paper of James Grant appears in Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry

The paper “Inextendibility of spacetimes and Lorentzian length spaces“, co-authored by James Grant, Michael Kunzinger (Vienna), and Clemens Sämann (Vienna), has been published in the journal Annals of Global Analysis and Geometry. A link to the published paper is here. In the paper they study the low-regularity (in-)extendibility of spacetimes within the synthetic-geometric framework of Lorentzian length spaces developed in Kunzinger and Sämann (2018).  To this end, they introduce appropriate notions of geodesics and time-like geodesic completeness and prove a general inextendibility result. Their results shed new light on recent analytic work in this direction and, for the first time, relate low-regularity inextendibility to (synthetic) curvature blow-up.