Bin Cheng and Anna Kostianko speak at ICIAM 2019 in Spain

Bin Cheng and Anna Kostianko were in Valencia, Spain, the week of 15 July for ICIAM 2019, the largest international meeting devoted to applied mathematics, with over 4000 participants.  Anna gave a talk in Minisymposium ME-1-1 2 on “Inertial manifolds for 1D reaction-diffusion problems“.  Bin co-organised a four-part minisymposium ME-0-8 parts 4,5,6,7 on “Singular Limits in Fluid Dynamics, Related Equations, and Numerical Analysis“, and gave a talk in his minisymposium on “Singular limits and error estimates for inviscid fluid dynamics in domains of non-trivial geometry“.  A link to the full searchable programme is here.