Two papers of Masanori Hanada published in the Journal of High Energy Physics

The first paper is “Entanglement and confinement in coupled quantum systems“, co-authored by Fabien Alet (Toulouse, France), Masanori Hanada, Antal Jevicki (Kavli Institute, China), and Cheng Peng (Kavli, Brown U, and UC Davis). A link to the published (arXiv) versions are here (here). The second paper is “Partial deconfinement at strong coupling on the lattice” with co-authors Hiromasa Watanabe (Tsukuba U, Japan), Georg Bergner (Jena U, Germany), Norbert Bodendorfer (Regensburg, Germany), Shotaro Shiba Funai (Okinawa U, Japan), Masanori Hanada, Enrico Rinaldi (Saitama, Tokyo), Andreas Schäfer (Regensburg, Germany), and Pavlos Vranas (UC Berkeley). Hiromasa Watanabe is a student at Tsukuba University that Masanori has been remotely supervising since 2018. A link to the published (arXiv) versions are here (here). The screenshot below shows Figure 10 from the first paper.