Juan Miguel Nieto Garcia and Alessandro Torrielli co-organize online workshop with the Hamilton Mathematics Institute

This week (17-20 August), Marius de Leeuw (Trinity College Dublin), Juan Miguel Nieto Garcia, Ana Retore (Trinity College Dublin), and Alessandro Torrielli are co-organising an online workshop on “Integrability in Lower Dimensional AdS/CFT“, hosted by the Hamilton Mathematical Institute in Dublin. A link to the workshop website is here. The aim of the workshop will be to bring together some of the world-experts in AdS/CFT integrability, alongside researchers with wide expertise in massless scattering and thermodynamic analysis, working at the interface between integrable systems and conformal field theory. The workshop is supported by funding from Trinity College, HMI, the Simons Foundation, the Royal Society of London, Science Foundation Ireland, and EPSRC.