Paper of Tommaso Macrelli and Martin Wolf on homotopy algebras published in Fortschritte der Physik

The paper “Double copy from homotopy algebras“, co-authored by Leron Borsten (Heriot Watt), Branislav Jurco (Charles University Prague), Hyungrok Kim (Herriot Watt), Tommaso Macrelli, Christian Saemann (Heriot Watt), and Martin Wolf, has been published in Fortschritte der Physik. The published version (available gold open access) is here and the finalform arXiv version is here. The paper shows that the BRST Lagrangian double copy construction of  N=0 supergravity as the “square” of Yang-Mills theory finds a natural interpretation in terms of homotopy algebras. The image below shows a complex from Section 5.2 of the paper.